Updated Covid Protocols

Hello Friends of MBB Orthodontics,
As spring approaches, change is in the air. Over the past two years
with the COVID pandemic, we have all seen many changes that have impacted our daily lives and
activities. Our practice has worked tirelessly to keep up with guidance from health professionals, the
CDC, and the NCDHHS so that we could adapt as necessary and continue to provide the highest
quality orthodontic care and customer service to our patient families.
Recently, Governor Cooper lifted the mask mandate for North Carolina. However, the NCDHHS still
requires masks to be worn in health care facilities. These recent developments have led to us revisiting
some of the changes that we implemented earlier during the pandemic. We realize that there is no
perfect plan to satisfy all families, so please know that much time and consideration has gone into our
decisions. In an effort to balance our steadfast commitment to the health and wellbeing of our patients
and staff with our desire to provide excellence in customer service, MBB is excited to announce the
following updates to our COVID protocols:

– Our lobbies will reopen to patients and parents to allow those who are comfortable to
come inside to check-in for their appointment.
– Check-in options
o Self check-in: We will have a computer/tablet available in the lobby for patients to
check themselves in.
 All you have to do is touch the button on the screen that says “Check-in
here”, click on the month of your birthday and then the day. Your information
will pop up, and all you have to do is click on “YES”.
 Once checked in, you can have a seat in the lobby and one of our clinicians
will be out shortly to get you.

o Front Desk: You could also check-in with our staff at the front desk.
o Text: If you prefer to stay in your car, you are more than welcome to continue to use
the texting option. On arrival, please TEXT us at 336-203-9842.
 This number is for TEXTING purposes only (cannot receive phone calls).

– Please note that the signs in the parking lot will be removed.
– Masks / face coverings will still be required inside the office.