A Note from Karen Jacobs

When Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Bartlett contacted me and indicated their desire to dedicate a page on this website to Gary, I was so touched. I am thankful every day that these two fine doctors have cared for Gary’s patients and for this practice.

Gary worked very hard to establish this practice. He worked his way through college and dental school with grants, loans, scholarships, and lots of part-time jobs. After time spent in the US Navy, he continued on to complete his orthodontic residency. When it came time to set up a practice, we came back to my home of Greensboro. It was a labor of love. He truly put all of himself into this practice.

Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Bartlett have always been so mindful of what it took to build this practice. They have put themselves into what Gary started and they continue to grow and build and provide the type of care that I know my husband would be proud of. They are always thoughtful of Gary and they continue to remember me and our children. For that, I am forever grateful.

Dr. Jacobs, his wife Karen, and children Grant, Layne, and Keely

Dr. Gary Jacobs graduated from Duke University in 1975. After four years of dental training at UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Jacobs married Greensboro native Karen Williams, and joined the US Navy in 1979. Dr. Jacobs went on to complete his orthodontic training at the University of Louisville in 1984. Following his graduation, he and Karen moved to Greensboro and opened his practice on Guilford College Road in 1985.

New office construction (left) and the new office newspaper ad (right)

Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Jerry Reeves built the Friendly Avenue office from the ground up. Construction began in 1998, and the practice relocated in 1999. Dr. Jacobs helped create healthy smiles not just here in Greensboro. He also participated in Operation Smile, a volunteer program that reaches countless children in underserved areas around the world.
To the Right: Volunteering in Russia treating children with cleft lip and palate

Dr. Jacobs had many passions. He shared his love for flying with his patients and staff.
To the Left: Dr. Jacobs’s love for flying

Every year at Halloween, Dr. Jacobs hosted a party for dentists in the community. He and the staff always enjoyed choosing a theme and dressing up in fun costumes.
To the right: Halloween tradition